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Organic plant proteins

Organic Plant Proteins

Firmalis offers a range of certified organic vegetable starches and proteins: potatoes, brown peas and beans, rigorously selected. Most of them are functional via heat treatment. They are known for their emulsifying, foaming and texturizing properties. They can be used in applications such as meat substitutes, ice cream, desserts and bakery products.
Gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan.

There are 2 native starches, one for cook-up use and the other for cold swelling use.
These starches with a low protein content have to be heated to be functional. With emulsifying, texturizing and water-binding properties, they are used in bakery products and extruded snacks for gluten-free formulations.
Produced with 50% (brown pea) or 60% protein(fava bean), these organic products have to be heated to be functional, and have excellent emulsifying, texturizing and water-binding properties. Protein concentrates can be used in emulsified sauces, spreads, for egg replacement, in vegan ice cream, in cheese analogues and meat substitutes, and for extruded snacks.
Used for enrichment with ready-to-use proteins (low or high protein content), they provide texture and can be used in cold process. Application usages, are vegan burgers and vegetable-based meat substitutes

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