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Texturizing, Gelling agents, Stabilizers

Texturizing, Gelling agent, Stabilizers

With a large and innovative products portfolio, Firmalis is one of the major players in food texturing and stabilization solutions.
By using natural raw materials, the science and skills of our partners such as Danisco®, BEL Industries and LYCKEBY range of ingredients, we offer and commercialize ingredients which fit to the market demand for healthier and safer products.
Our wide range of products allows us to answer the different challenges related to texture: gelification, thickening, emulsion stabilization, etc ...

Xanthan gum is produced in France by biofermentation of Xanthomonas campestris bacteria that is commonly found in plants of the Brassica family such as cabbage.
Xanthan is used in numerous applications for its strong thickening effect at low concentration.
GRINDSTED® Xanthan can be used in almost any food or drink product that needs thickening or stabilizing.
The Danisco® Guar gum is a powerful thickener that enhances the texture and consistency of a wide range of foods.
As a thickener, guar gum is eight times more powerful than cornstarch, thus very small amounts are needed to thicken your food.
Guar gum provides a better texture to your baked goods elasticity ; the desired creaminess and homogeneity to your dairy drinks; and a stable/smooth consistency to your salad dressings and condiments that consumers request.
Danisco® guar gum ingredients are neutral in taste, color and smell.
Grindsted® LBG is a cost-effective and simple way to stabilize your food.
Locust bean gum is the preferred texturizer for various food applications due to its natural image, the neutral taste and the very creamy texture it provides. More important than the viscosity is the positive influence of the ice crystal growth in ice cream, reduction of syneresis when used in combination with pectin or carrageenan in fruit and dairy applications. LBG has a positive impact on the protein stability and does not interact with other ingredients in your food due to its neutral behavior.Danisco® locust bean gum ingredients come in various degrees of purity and granulation, cold and hot soluble. Whether they are used in ice cream, cream cheese, transparent jellies or infant formulas, we have the product of choice.
Cost-effective, versatile and easy to use, cellulose gum is one of the most common thickening agents in the world. And you’ll find it in everything from yogurt to tortillas.
Cellulose gum, also called purified CMC, comes from the cell wall of plants, especially cotton seeds and wood pulp.
It adds mouthfeel and texture, stabilizes proteins, retains moisture and forms oil-resistant films in a vast array of processed food products.
Danisco® cellulose gum ingredients can add texture and volume to just about any food. We use ingredients that are 99.5% pure, and our white to off-white powders give crystal clear results.
Pectin is a versatile stabilizer, produced from citrus peels, which is a sustainable use of by-products from juice production.
Danisco® pectin is a highly sophisticated stabilizer recognized globally by consumers as clean label. Each pectin type is extracted from specific citrus peels which deliver unique functionality.
Pectin is a minor ingredient that delivers major functionality. Pectin is a gelling agent in fruit preparations and sugar confectionery. It protects protein in low pH drinks and adds creaminess to yogurt.
Pectin is ideal in beverages for its clean and refreshing mouth feel.
A natural gelling agent derived from seaweed, carrageenan binds moisture and improves the texture, viscosity and firmness of a variety of foods.
Carrageenan is produced from Red Seaweed, mainly from Chile, which is a highly sustainable and natural source of raw materials. The seaweed is produced with no or very little land use and requires no fertilizers or irrigation etc.vCarrageenans are used to add texture and stability to a broad range of products including dairy desserts, processed cheese, chocolate milk and fruity jellies.
Carrageenans are also used in a variety of meat-based products providing firmness and texture to sausages and slicing property and juiciness to cooked ham.
Our refined and semi-refined carrageenan ingredients are perfect for a wide range of applications.
The functional dairy proteins of Bel Industries make it possible to thicken and stabilize food matrices such as sauces or even soups. Some are appreciated for their gelling properties.

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