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Firmalis offers a wide range of modified starches from potatoes. We also have a complementary choice of clean label starches. Usable in hot or cold applications, starches have thickening and/or gelling properties which improves the texture of your products. Some starches help stabilizing emulsions.

LYCKEBY® modified potato starches ranges have been sorted according to their use, their storage conditions, the manufacturing process and the solubility.
- Pre-gelatinized starches (cold swelling): thicken and build-up viscosity in sauces, condiments, or soups.
- cook-up starches: thicken a sauce in ready meals or form gel in a cream mix in dairy desserts or pastries.
- Starch improving the stability of an emulsion in a mayonnaise or vinaigrette.
- Gelling starches for processed cheese, analogue cheeses and margarines.
LYCKEBY CAREFUL® range is a clean label starch selection (potato, and waxy maize) which brings textures mostly with thickening properties but also gelling. Overall, these starches are resistant to preservation, to freezing / thaw process and are neutral in taste. Some bring a shiny and smooth texture while others bring a more "authentic" appearance close to homemade food. This range offers unique starches with UHT and shear stability, which is an advantage comparatively to other clean label starches on the market.
There are 2 native starches, one for cook-up use and the other for cold swelling use.

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