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The key to greater shelf-life and food safety, antioxidant ingredients prevent oils and fats from oxidizing.
More and more consumers are looking for food low in saturated fat, antioxidants make it possible for you to produce food that is convenient and healthy.
Antioxidants will extend the shelf life of your food, ensure consistent product quality from batch to batch and help preserve the nutritional value of the food, even in the complex processes common in modern convenience food production.
We produce three types of antioxidants: natural extracts, phenolics and vitamin-based ingredients. The right ingredients depend on your product.


Natural antioxidant, in liquid or powder form, rosemary extract improves the quality of fats and oils by delaying the oxidation of lipids. It is used in meat applications, ready meals, and cereals. Associated with chamomile extract, it amplifies and stabilizes the taste and smell of food emulsions, mayonnaise and sauces. Moreover, these 2 associated extracts make it possible to substitute. This blend is used in margarines and fats, mayonnaise, salad dressings, and dips.
Natural antioxidant, in liquid or powder form that can be used in different applications:- Alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages: stabilize citrus aromatic tones. It also improves the profile of the drink.
- It prevents the degradation of citrus essential oils.
- Margarine for pastries: protects and prevents oxidation of fatty acids.
Sauces and soups: protection of emulsions.
This vitamin-based food grade antioxidant, exists in powder form.
It is fat-soluble and water-dispersible, which allows it to prevent the risk of oxidation and increase the shelf life of a product. It is used in culinary sauce applications, dry dairy products or in infant food.
Natural antioxidant, from the fat-soluble IP tocopherols blend, suitable for applications of vegetable and animal oils, margarines, and sauces.
Two concentrations are available in liquid form.
Liposoluble food grade antioxidant to improve the organoleptic qualities and shelf life products, by delaying the oxidation of lipids.
Used in vegetable and animal oils for cookies, cereals, margarines, mayonnaise, and salad dressings

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