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Sugars are an integral part of human nutrition and play a variety of roles: sweetness, texture and preservative.
The nutritional challenge is more and more present and there are now other alternatives to sucrose without compromising on quality.

More commonly known as "fruit sugar", fructose is the sugar with the highest sweetness found in nature.
It is present in many fruits and vegetables and has the advantage of having a low glycemic index (GI = 19).
Many clinical studies have been conducted on fructose. The FRUCTOFIN® from the Danisco® product line is made in Finland and is available in various sizes.
The sweetest sugar in nature, found in many fruits and vegetables, fructose has a low glycemic response. Fructose, also known as fruit sugar, is the sweetest sugar in nature and is a natural constituent of many fruits and vegetables. Fructose is used worldwide in many applications for its health, nutritional and functional characteristics.
Fructofin® can also be up to 80% sweeter than sucrose, reducing calorie intake without the loss of sweetness.
This makes it a popular ingredient in foods & beverages aimed at the health-conscious. Fructofin® is a crystalline fructose with a purity of over 99%.

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