Stevia extract

Feuille de stevia

Intense Sweeteners

Essential ingredients in the formulation of light or sugar-free recipes, intense sweeteners are used more and more often in food & beverage formulations.
Stevia extracts are a natural sweetening solution. Extracted from the leaves of a small shrub harvested Paraguay, "steviol glycosides" are a family of natural molecules that have a sweetening power ranging from 60 to 350 times that of sucrose. Non-fermentable, non-digestible, Stevia extracts therefore have a virtually zero heat load.

Our range of extracts is produced from selected Stevia leaf (South America, Europe, Asia).
In powder, granular or liquid form, these extracts produced in France have an excellent quality / price ratio.
The infusion of Stevia Rebaudiana leaves is a major innovation to support the development of plant drinks in a healthy and naturally sweet way. In liquid form, this infusion allows an ingredient natural labelling : « Stevia leaves infusion ».
Obtained by infusion of the leaves in hot water it offers a sweetening power equivalent to 2 to 4 times the sucrose.
The organic version will be available very soon.

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