Functional systems


Functional systems

Our partner DuPont Nutrition & Health offers a range of tailored blends based on high quality, advanced ingredients, including hydrocolloids, emulsifiers used in a variety of applications.
Enhances your process robustness and product quality in terms of texture, appearance and shelf life. You will be able to reach your nutrition targets such as low fat, low sugar, high fiber and minerals enrichment with no compromise on stability and texture.

CREMODAN® in the DuPont ™ Danisco® product line are integrated functional systems, a unique solution from our partner DuPont™ Nutrition & Health for better implementation and dispersion. These tailor made blends improve the textures, appearance and stability of ice creams, sherbets and frozen desserts.
Grindsted® FF, Meatline or RECODAN ™ in the DuPont ™ Danisco® products line, Custom-made blends of hydrocolloids and emulsifiers improve the quality and stability of food products (dairy products, food applications, or still some meat products, etc). They also allow the suspension of other ingredients, improve the texture or reduce the fat content.
Grindsted® JU from the DuPont ™ Ingredient Range Danisco® is a unique combination of hydrocolloids which improve texture in the mouth and stabilize fruit pulps or juices. Some references also allow the texturing of liquors. RECODAN ™ in the DuPont ™ Danisco® product line allows dairy drinks to stabilize and prevent sedimentation.

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