The Danisco® emulsifiers range is made from vegetable oils, organic acids and glycerol. In order to help you towards a greener image, we offer palm-based emulsifiers approved by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.Our emulsifiers perform many essential functions in your food products including; Stabilizing emulsions; Securing the right mouthfeel and product appearance; Overcoming raw material variations and extending shelf life.

SOLEC® Lecithin offers a variety of products for spray release applications, emulsification, instantizing and viscosity modification for functional foods such as powdered health beverages, nutrition bars or heart healthy salad dressings.
Emulsification: Reduces interfacial surface tension between oil and water to prevent separation of the dispersed phase.
Release: Forms a non-sticky coating between food and contact surfaces and prevents stickiness at the surface of functional foods products like chewy granola bars.
Instantizing: Improves the wettability, dispersibility and dustiness of powders
The DIMODAN® range is based on sunflower, rapeseed, palm or soya bean oil.These emulsifiers are commonly used in bakery, oils, fats, dairy, frozen desserts, confectionery and plastics, and are available in various formats and packaging.Key benefits: Efficient processing, Improved product quality, Fat reduction, Shelf life extension, Non-hydrogenated options, Certified sustainable palm-based options
Produced from vegetable-based fatty acids, GRINDSTED® SSL/CSL is available in variants where the type of fatty acid and lactic acid content determine the functionality.
Key benefits: Efficient processing, Improved product quality.
Bakeries can draw on PANODAN® to optimize their efficiency and quality when producing bread, biscuits, sweet dough, pastry and donuts. The range is based on vegetable oils from soya, palm and/or rapeseed oil.
Based on palm, soya or coconut oil, GRINDSTED® ACETEM is widely used in chewing gum, topping powder, poultry carcasses and PVC.
GRINDSTED® ACETEM has film-forming and flexible properties and is available in liquid or plastic format.
GRINDSTED® CITREM is made from sunflower or palm oil.
A highly hydrophilic emulsifier, the range is commonly used in margarines, sausages and confectionery and is available in various formats.
GRINDSTED® LACTEM is a widely used emulsifier in cream, desserts, topping powders and cake margarine.
The range is derived from natural vegetable oil, typically from the oil palm, and is available in beads and pellets. Produced from castor oil, GRINDSTED® PGPR adds functionality to chocolate, oils, fats and bakery products.
GRINDSTED® PGPR has a unique ability to reduce yield stress in chocolate and provides emulsion stability in low-fat spreads and tin grease emulsions.

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